Doctor Thyroid

thyroid doctor

The study and experience of the last 35 years has uncovered some interesting facts relevant in the healing professions. So the Johnthesailor theory of the relativity of the thyroid in our bodies has come about.The thyroid is our doctor. The thyroid holds most of the strings which bring about healing in our bodies. The connection to all the cells is where it all starts as they all seek the balancing and directional instruction of the thyroid. Then there is the balancing of temperature. Healing is known to come from the heat of inflammation in its early stages and then when inflammation needs to be controlled the thyroid does that. The flow of chemicals in our bodies has increased and again the thyroid is there to balance and direct elimination processes. Hormones are everything to a woman as we see the necessity for an ability to calm and guide a number of children and a husband, each with a different mood and set of operating conditions. Not to mention all the huge connections through gestation and childbirth and a very real mental telepathy with each and every child for life. Again the thyroid manufactures some hormones and balances most. So life is lived at its best when the doctor is healthy.
The thyroid is attacked by almost everything in our environment including our nutrient depleted foods, household and all other chemicals, pollution, radiation from everything electronic, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. So if discretion is caste to the winds in all our life decisions, the thyroid is easily depleted and this happens now to some level in almost all women and a percentage of men.The huge output of the thyroid to the many trillion cells in the body is currently impossible to replicate synthetically and so those with a depleted thyroid suffer miserably.


Modern methods seek to manage a hormone balance which is hard enough and all the remaining tasks normally accomplished by the thyroid are deemed irrelevant. The thyroid is no longer there to turn away disease before it gains a foothold and of course a depleted thyroid is consistent with an erratic immune system. Strangely the thyroid is very easy to restore using natural methods. Just simple combinations of real foods, beneficial supplements, hands on natural treatments, exercise and avoidance of known destructive factors. When restored the thyroid can actually bring about the reversal of many of the diseases which we now call symptoms of thyroiditis. Therein the term Doctor Thyroid.

November 23, 2018

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