Details About Sweets,Oils And Beverages Which Are Used in Different Kind Of Diets And Treatment

Sweets,Oils And Beverages

If you use honey do not buy the supermarket one as it is heated during extraction which chemically changes honey into a basic sugar anyway. Not much point in that! Honey in its raw form is a very rich and exciting sweetener full of nutrients while the other popular ones include stevia, maple syrup, xylitol and coconut sugar. Even molasses. Now there is a lost soul if ever there was one. It is still around with a bucket of nutrients avoided by everyone! Also there are so many sweet fruits and it is amazing that we get continued warnings in the media about fruit sugars or fructose, while rarely a word about the dangers of sugar itself. It is also very strange that sugar cane juice is a nutritional supplement and of course in refining the sugar they take out the molasses and feed the nutrient dense supplement to the cows, while we humans eat the most destructive, nonnutrient crystals. It does prove we are the most intelligent species!! I think!!! Maybe! Well they look nicer than the molasses!

Ok you are over the worst of the break your heart part so the rest is relatively easy! there is a list a mile long or I can tell you in a few seconds if you are switched on to what your body needs and after all you are reading this book! Oils are a big thing along with fats. And the fact is the thyroid diet does need healthy fats. And so what is regarded as healthy today is almost the same as that which was regarded as healthy 60 to 70 years ago before the low-fat craze came in. I am not sure who introduced it but margarine companies were among the most active. Heart disease was the big killer in those days and it after all is the most logical part of our bodies to go first, unless we are lucky to pick the perfect diet. The heart along with the bones and connective tissue is responsive to a percentage of live greens in the diet and depending upon where you live this should be relatively easy. Salads are a popular topic in hundreds of cook books and of course salads contain nutrients and phytonutrients. The popular things such as carrots, beetroot, lettuce, kale, onions, mushrooms etc in their raw state are just packed with nutrients. I remember some years ago a study revealed that per unit of volume a shot of wheat grass juice was equivalent in nutrient value to 340 times the same volume of baked dinner. Oh Dear! Funny it should be wheat grass juice that they picked for the trial and now I am telling you of the wheat problem and also the comparison between sugar crystals and sugar cane juice. So it comes to the understanding that these things were created as a genuine part of the food chain and left to the ingenuity of man to perfect! Maybe the careers selection process was at fault!.

So far we have placed importance on two food types. Oils or fats and live foods. Oils for the thyroid program include Extra virgin olive oil of a reputable supplier so you can ask how old?? And these days trust on a daily basis of food suppliers is out the window! There are thousands of olive oil growers or distributors who do everything right so find one of them. Other oils include coconut oil and flaxseed oil. There is also a range of good oils which are worth trying such as some of the nut oils including macadamia and almond and then some of the seed oils such as grape seed oil. Out of the pantry goes any vegetable oil except avocado if you can find a good supplier. So sunflower and canola are out you can give them to someone you do not like very much!! That is a bit cruel but there are many people who are locked tight into the medical system and will never do anything to help themselves, no matter what. Their health is the doctors responsibility so unless he tells them it is bad for them, they will buy on price or listen to the advertisements anyway!

Beverages is an area where you can easily gain some brownie points by getting into herbal teas and coconut water. Most commercial juices as you know are packed with sugar. So only organic and unprocessed juice and it is not expensive to drink a nutritional juice every day. I still love one real cup of coffee and if someone offers me a cup of tea I melt but there is no place on the program for habitual consumption of caffeine. Ok we are getting the place cleaned up! Processed foods are out such as breakfast cereals no matter what it says on the packet. the only grain I use occasionally is oats and rolled oats goes back in my family life for over 70 years! Oats still gets some raps from the switched on nutrient experts and used in muesli with seeds and dried fruits with a dash of almond milk after soaking overnight is a sustaining beginning to the day although not the only one!

Remember the asthma! well I had 65 years of asthma which every doctor tried his hand at. In fact I was in and out of hospital as a kid with the priest waving his hands over me in desperation! And as I said only after making a full cut from wheat gluten did I get relief and now can go anywhere without a puffer. Many of them are steroids and although the doctors tell they are safe, The internet reports which come from medical sources are much softer than the ones coming from independent reporters and to me the big problem was the heart as I followed reasonably healthy diets and exercise programs all my life and still felt the accumulating effect on my heart until I was able to go off all those medications. Then I could feel the same healthy eating and exercising programs were gaining on the heart again. now I feel very comfortable doing a 30 minute session of sprints on a beach. I am well and truly over road running but can still handle a long hike. I joined a daughter and son combo for a 13 kilometer walk in Perth last visit and am ready for another next trip! No I am not old at 75 I have plenty of energy each day but sleep very well at night. The atrial fibrillation disappeared about a year ago! It was noticeable a short while back. When I looked up Atrial Fibrillations I noticed that a couple of functional doctors listed them as symptoms of thyroid disease! Very switched on I thought.

Back to the cleanup and it is pretty simple from here. Just add a few good foods like increasing the volume of greens in your diet and some things are better repeated so increase the amount of raw greens and raw vegetables to about 40% of your food or one big meal a day! What about dairy? Someone said! Ok dairy is a mixed bag and of course like wheat grass juice and sugar cane juice was originally a health food. Until the food scientists got at it and created pasteurization and homogenization. Well fact is that adjustments do need to be made to fit into our storage, transport and supermarket requirements 100 years after healthy food! so without pasteurization many people would get sick. Homogenization really only stops the sitting product from looking repugnant to the TV brigade who cannot accept two different textures. All us old folks loved the separated cream and now go out of our way to buy non homogenized milk. Homogenization apparently reduces the molecular size and makes it easier for the particles to bypass the stomach lining barrier working their way into the arteries. Attacking this, the autoimmune system creates plaque in the arterial complex as a barrier and so atherosclerosis is helped along! Statistics show that atherosclerosis rates are parallel to dairy consumption rates in the advanced countries of the world. Pasteurization itself does heat the milk to a high temperature and destroys the natural lactase enzymes. While it is difficult to get an expert to say anything we are convinced that the effect on calcium is to alter the chemical combination making it indigestible because the same statistical rates tend to operate for osteoporosis as for atherosclerosis on a country by country basis. So the bottom line is that dairy is better left in the supermarket at least for the period of your thyroid program and as the years pass by more and more people are exhibiting dairy allergies anyway. Strangely enough the exception to this rule is butter. A good butter from grass fed cows can be a valuable addition to the group of fats you consume. If you live in Australia buy the new Zealand product and in the US try to buy grass fed and from Jersey and Guernsey cows if at all possible. Butter is endorsed by followers of Paleo and Ketogenic diets all over the world! I know you will ask about yoghurt and so an occasional portion of greek yoghurt is acceptable. If you get the opportunity to buy from a farmer check out all the details.

According to my latest sources of information, yoghurt is now pasteurized after the fermenting process which kills all the beneficial bacteria they have just created! So if you wish to eat it you need to search the manufacturing process for each supplier. Should be available on the internet. There are a few foods which are valuable and one of course is sauerkraut. In fact any fermented food will be very valuable during the program, they are all probiotics if fermented properly and will help to give you a beneficial intestinal flora. There is lots of information on green smoothies and vegetable juice on the internet and they can become a part of your meal program for the duration of the program and maybe for many years. An unhealthy thyroid sometimes is accompanied by a liver with a few problems and so some of our recommendations will also assist you to take some care of that.

No alcohol during the program and of course you should never smoke! There is nothing good about smoking It costs people and governments billions around the world and gives doctors headaches because there is almost nothing they can do to speed up any medical process. Smoking shuts down the healing or regenerative ability within the body to a large extent and takes seven years to get out of the system! Yuk! If you do have to cleanse the liver it is a good time to do it so you can clear both problems at the same time. The liver cleanse is a little more stringent than the thyroid program but quite doable and has been popular for the last 20 years or thereabouts. We touch on that on the website but the book is about the thyroid! Now comes the exciting part because there are two aspects to this book that you will not find anywhere else as part of a thyroid healing program and we have mentioned them already briefly.

August 20, 2018

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