The Dairy Influence in Hashimotos

Dairy Influence

Fact is 80% to 90% of those who get off gluten will eventually beat Hashimotos. Get off the gluten and after three weeks, to speed up the process as you will find in other parts of this website, go to the chiropractor for a neck adjustment, a reflexologist for a complete foot massage and a Reiki master for two sessions of Reiki. You will have a massive improvement. If you have any symptoms left go off dairy for three weeks and repeat the treatment process. Do not go back onto gluten for at least six months and then never have it in your house.

Dairy is a secondary cause for many people and so if all the symptoms go away then you can presume you have beaten it. Remember that hypothyroid is a lifestyle disease just like cancer and diabetes and heart disease so you are always at risk. but the fact is those foods are nothing like the original healthy version which existed 100 years ago. They have been changed and manipulated so much that scientists existing then would have trouble recognising them from the chemical footprint.!Probably about 60% of hypothyroid sufferers are dairy sensitive. others could tolerate raw dairy products but not the homogenised and pasteurised version. Listen to your gut. When you eat a food it is supposed to be comfortable so if you feel bloated or any other discomfort then give up that food for a period of time.

If you enjoyed dairy and decided to go off it after all understand we are the only mammals which drink breast milk from another mammal regularly. Taken in its natural state while fresh there are many reasons to believe it is a good food. The processing of milk is mostly done so that it can fit into the transport and shelf life scenario created by the marketing through supermarkets. The processing has very little impact on its health giving properties in fact the opposite is generally the case. it is generally impoverished and denuded of real digestible nutrients. A person with intestinal permeability which precedes autoimmune disease, which precedes thyroid problems is unlikely to experience more irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, reflux and carpal tunnel.

No luck with goat’s milk and sheep’s milk proteins either same results all around! So only strict dairy restriction, eradicating gut infections, gut healing protocols, and systemic enzymes does work. Strangely enough there are many people who take raw unpasteurised butter as an ingredient in a gut healing mixture with coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. They do not seem to have a problem and benefit exceptionally well. The ketogenic set often swear by quantities of butter while avoiding other dairy.

September 11, 2018

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