The Connection Between Liver/Gut And Thyroid


Liver balance is critical. Enzyme breaks the one molecule away in conversion is 5‘deiodenese.

1.T3 tyrosine1 iodine3 in the liver binds with thyroidbindingglobulin conversion is from T4 to T3, Too much or too little from the liver is bad and leads to problems.

2.T3 sulphate and T3 acetic acid 20% thyroid conversion needs gut bacteria. Pituitary can be affected with leicopolysacharides from the gut which then effects the thyroid output. Interaction between all these body parts is enormous.

Doctors give T4 or remove thyroid or but none of the approaches will fix all the problems and removal seems to be permanent destruction of the body as we know it leaving a body requiring medication every day for the rest of its life. So holistic repair is the only permanent way to real health. Use nutrient dense low toxin anti-inflammatory food diet and good sleep, lots of sun and active play with smart supplementation.So reduce your toxic load. Make sure your gut bacteria is up to scratch. For this you will need a powerful probiotic such as Grainfields BE liquid. You can go to for training and explanations of all the interactions.

December 31, 2018

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