A brief Discussion on Thyroid Disease


We did touch on the thyroid earlier and will repeat the special posting at the risk of boring you to tears because this is center of all the thyroid success stories. It does not matter what other explanation you throw in, the ability to live life comfortably and enjoyably is parallel to eliminating thyroid problems.

Basically there is a symbiotic package in every body at the center of sickness and healing. The thyroid, the meridian system, the spine and the teeth are of special interest to you. The gut is where it all starts so we have to heal that first with proper nutrition and probiotics to restore the balance of gut bacteria and restore an efficient elimination system. It started there but sickness is shared with the whole body so to clean and restore the rest we use our treatments. They signal the rest of the body to do cleansing supported by massage which helps the spinal positioning, muscular support and detoxification. They free the circulation, nervous system and rubbish elimination by the lymph system. The energy component we use balances so as to avoid any uncomfortable major reactions to the cleansing. Introduce proper dental hygiene. And overriding all, the use of herbal teas etc adds to the cleansing and the outcome can be seen in the better quality blood, energy, body comfort and mental clarity.

Ok you have done all the extra study and now we will tell you that the thyroid is not key to every disease known, it is just a healing part of the body. It does tend to be absent as a healer when the bodies condition is low and that is where all the other players come in including the gut, the autoimmune, the liver, the circulation, the lymph and others less implicated. After all the rest such as heart, lungs and kidneys and so on can keep us alive to a ripe old age while constantly sick and uncomfortable. Lets rest it there because this discussion can get very detailed and long winded. But obviously this is where our medical fraternity is most useful. Our mission here is to eliminate the hurdles to good health and enjoyable life. When you read that a few times you will begin to see that reversal of any disease is actually possible. So we are healers in the sense that we understand what we are here for. Now look around you and see how many helpers you have. What zero? Or maybe your partner in life? Ok so we look inside the body and find we can recruit a few healers in there. Fighting for first is obviously the meridian system and the energy component of the body. They are there and latent or unused until we come along. Ready to spring into action! And that is why you often get the biggest change after the first treatment. We wake them up and they go into action. Our massage is very basic but the exact format has developed over time and experience. Then the next is the thyroid itself and in almost every case it is depleted to some extent. So our first treatments always target the thyroid and as we have said it waits to feel our attention. It thirsts for revival. And as soon as we start lifting it at least a little it is into action. Its action is to effectively balance temperature, chemical movement and hormones to the cells and the groups of cells where healing is needed sense the coming change and so they perform their function noticeably better. Ok sounds like a fairy story but for 35 years it has worked. And probably thousands of years before that. Unfortunately the medicos often see the thyroid as a nuisance. They take it out and throw it away. End of story for that patient. We can help them but it requires maybe a year or two almost full time. Possible! Just!

December 4, 2018

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