Beauty And The Thyroid Connection

beauty and thyroid

The first part of this post is here Beauty And The Thyroid.This is the part two of our beauty post.Before we explain in as much detail as possible, how to lift the function of the thyroid we will explain why the thyroid is so critical to all beauty endeavours. Obviously your first viewed asset is your skin and we have encountered many serious skin problems and all fixed by our standard thyroid program. Try eczema so bad that the patient slept in a straight jacket. Then give thought to some children with sores filled with puss on the toes, hands, back of the head and around the bottom with a liberal but less dense arrangement over the body. Then go back to ordinary hives, acne, discolouration and even cellulite. All these conditions have been alleviated with the standard thyroid treatments and program. Throw in falling hair and excessive body hair.

Then understand the composure and charisma needed to be seen as beautiful. Even coordination! How difficult is this when you have even mild depression, sleep apnea, mood swings, anxiety and fatigue. I know you just droop and that is sad! All of these are thyroid symptoms. This does not mean the thyroid has caused them but because it is depleted it cannot serve faithfully as your inner servant and doctor to do all the balances that are necessary to avoid them. In the next post we will cover what is necessary to lift your thyroid enough for it to start performing its duties again!

October 16, 2018

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