Beauty And The Thyroid

beauty and thyroid

This post is about beauty. All women were made beautiful and meant to stay that way! the original design is perfect and the gifts to keep a woman beautiful keep flowing. No I am not talking about Channel No27, I am talking about good foods and hundreds of natural beauty aids available all around you.The first and biggest is Doctor Thyroid. Your very own doctor makes most of the decisions. Decisions which keep your skin clear, your hair naturally beautiful, your reproductive organs working perfectly, your brain tuned in to its surroundings and your energy in great shape!!

So what goes wrong when some of these things are not happening for you?? Well the good Doctor Thyroid is being attacked all day every day. It has many important functions including balancing the hormones to every cell in the body. Then it has to balance temperatures to every cell in the body and also the chemical flow. There are a few extra jobs which support the function of the heart, liver, kidneys and other systems and organs such as the skin.
Attacks come mostly from the food that you eat yourself! Then there are household chemicals, cosmetics, radiation, industrial chemicals, pollution and Pharmaceuticals. Every one of these attacks the thyroid at some time in your life.

The thyroid is unfortunately very vulnerable to damage from poor nutrition, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, stress and radiation. When damaged its contribution to metabolism suffers. It can only be managed using medical methods. Interestingly it can easily be repaired using a combination of natural means including strong, balanced nutrition, natural therapies, exercise and natural supplements. When the thyroid is repaired the metabolism improves and symptom diseases go away.

Interestingly again thyroid is at the foundation of beauty and fitness, Excellent skin, body shape, hair and nails are the visual components while underlying depression, anxiety, reproductive organ problems and fatigue make it hard to appear charismatic.

October 15, 2018

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