An Autistic Boy Who Was Recovered From The Energy Treatment

Autistic Boy

The Story of 15 Years Old Autistic Boy:

That last story leads to another. The son of that lady who would have had a very bad stroke was autistic so every day tantrums were normal. holes in the walls, chairs through the window and typically slow at whichever special school he could get into at 15 years of age. I was at the lady’s house to give her the last treatment after my voyage and as I was doing so, her son came into the room and laid on the bed next to her. I was very apprehensive as I had seen his tantrums and they were scary to say the least! He lay there quiet and peaceful and allowed me to continue without interruption then as I was nearly finished he did not say anything but he clearly wanted the same. When I finished working on her she left the room and the son stayed on the bed and looked up at me to say its my turn.

Although I was tired as it was late at night I had to say roll over and gave him all the same treatment but compressed it down into 35 minutes. There was the powerful connection in that he was treated the same as his mother and they have a special interest in getting the same in any situation. I have done no specialized study on the neurological aspects although this insight was eagerly added to my collection of lessons. I finished the treatment thinking wow how easy and pleasant was that! Although I may have been just relieved that there was no incident and I sent him off then I stayed there that night because it was so late.

The Result of Treatment:

The next morning I was up early having some cereal and a cup of tea, as I was about to leave the lady came down. I said to her “I gave your son a rub when you left ” She said “oh my God that is what happened” and told me that he had gone into his sisters bedroom and hugged her and kissed her and told her how much he loved her!. He had only ever fought with his sister and never appeared to show love for his brothers or sisters. Within a few days the school rang to ask what had happened to him. He had become attentive, helpful and caring. Never before!. And no more tantrums!

I did not see him for two years as they moved interstate. When I did see him he had a job and although he is still finding himself he was no longer different and quite a handsome teenager at that. I am hoping to have the opportunity to help him a little more one day. Another delightful and strange healing incident and again the combination of modalities was focused on the neck and so another unanswered question for my list!!

July 16, 2018

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