The interesting story here is a precursor to our healing retreat. We have some connected charity teams already doing a little work in the areas. They are very poor areas but surprising the people are happy and friendly. This is no different as disease does exist and mores today as the useful Macdonalds, Dunkin Donuts and others lead the dietary change from rice, vegetables and meat or fish cooked with coconut oil to the much more destructive wheat, sugar and processed meat cooked with vegetable oil diet. Thyroid is one of the first diseases to result and our charity team was introduced to a 27 yr mother of three with serious and crippling thyroid tumour which may have advanced further.

Thyroid diseaseThese people do not normally have any access to medical help due to extreme poverty and so our charity team arranged some basic massage, reiki and reflexology treatments. Then discussed elimination of wheat and sugar from the diet and included more vegetables. A donation of a small number of 98Alive pills and some Spirulina has also helped. Over three months the lady has gone from totally house bound to being able to make the trip to visit one of her children in another province. The tumour is shrinking and energy returning. This example will be repeated in the health retreat for other locals who are unable to pay for any medical help. Obviously our charity team is low on funds as well but can donate time and effort.

News Story 1

Here is a news item to us sent to us by Izabella Wentz
Carrie Vitt is the creative genius behind the mouth watering recipes at Deliciously Organic and the author of the Grain-Free Family Table Cookbook. I was so excited to learn that she has been able to get her Hashimoto’s into remission through the use of food and nutrition, even recovering from heavy metal toxicity induced by an amalgam filling that was removed improperly.

Through organic, unprocessed food her family of four has overcome severe asthma, eczema, Hashimoto’s, irritable bowel syndrome and migraines, all without drugs—just good, natural, real food.

Here’s Carrie’s Hashimoto’s Remission Story (from Carrie):

“A simple trip to the dentist turned my life upside-down. In the spring of 2008 I went to the dentist’s office because of a cracked amalgam filling in one of my teeth. The dentist removed the filling without taking the proper precautions. As soon as I sat up from the chair I felt terrible and knew something was wrong. I spent a week in bed, gradually regained some of my strength and went on with life.

A few weeks later, I started having problems with my complexion and then developed hives from the neck up that wouldn’t go away. I hadn’t changed anything in my daily regimen, I was on a diet of unprocessed organic foods, and I exercised regularly. I was confused.

Then once morning, I woke up and splashed some water on my face. Immediately my face turned bright red and started burning. “Oh no!” I thought. “It’s the water!” It seemed the chlorine in the water was also making me sick. I talked to my husband and we tried to figure out our options. In the meantime, I couldn’t touch tap water, let alone drink it. My husband bought large 5 gallon bottles of filtered water and I sponge bathed for over a month until we were able to install a water filter on our home. It wasn’t cheap, but it helped. At least I could finally bathe again.

My skin cleared a little, but things got worse. Much worse. My hair began falling out, I couldn’t sleep and I had allergic reactions to nearly everything I ate or came in contact with. If I ate vegetables, I would swell. If I ate meat, I would swell. If I walked into a room with too much perfume, I would swell.

I cried. I became very depressed. I didn’t want to go anywhere and spent all day in bed with ice packs on my face because my skin was burning, red and peeling.

The worst part of this entire ordeal was that I spent nine months going from doctor to doctor without anyone really listening or running tests. They kept telling me I had dry skin, would hand me a tube of steroid cream and send me on my way. I’m not an idiot. I knew my skin wasn’t “dry” and I knew I had to dig deeper.

I finally found a doctor who investigated my case, sent me to an allergist and and they ordered the required tests. In the spring of 2009 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

I was relieved to finally have a diagnoses, but the doctor’s prognosis was unsatisfying. He told me I could take a drug to potentially manage my symptoms, but my thyroid would eventually stop working and I’d be on medications for the rest of my life. I was already having extreme reactions to almost everything I came in contact with, so I didn’t feel that medication was the right decision for me. I decided to look for another path.

Years before, I had overcame chronic migraines, IBS and eczema with food, so I had a hunch my eating could play a role in my recovery. I began working with a certified nutritionist to help me get to the root of the problem.

Remember the amalgam filling I had removed and refilled? After many tests, we discovered my thyroid had absorbed heavy metals from the amalgam filling. Consequently, my liver “backed up” so it couldn’t properly filter any toxins my body encountered. This helped explain the hives and the thyroid disorder.

My nutritionist prescribed a grain-free, nutrient-dense diet and gentle detox therapies. I was also very fortunate to have a supportive family. When they learned of my need to drastically change my diet, my husband said, “If you have to do this, then we do it together”. So my husband and two daughters joined in for the ride and it’s been a fantastic experience for us all.

After several years of disciplined eating, gentle detox, whole food supplements as prescribed by my nutritionist and hard work, I’m happy to say my disease is in remission. I can’t even tell you how much a grain-free, nutrient-dense diet has changed my life! I can now spend time with my kids, family and friends and be an active member of my community.

I know each body is different. I share this information to bring you hope and encouragement. If you’re struggling with chronic health issues, I encourage you to seek out a practitioner who can help guid you toward better health. Even if everyone around you says it can’t be done, follow your instincts. If you think it’s possible, run toward that hope. After my experience, I truly believe that many of the diseases that ail us can be avoided or reversed with the right foods, detox and support.

My health struggles and path to healing led me to write my new book, The Grain-Free Family Table. In the book I share my entire story of recovery, tips to help reduce inflammation and encourage recovery from disease, and over 125 grain-free recipes to get you going on this new path.

To see more of Carrie’s recipes and to get her list of top inflammatory foods, head on over to her website: Deliciously Organic !

Hope this information helps you on your health journey!
Your Thyroid Pharmacist,

Dr. Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP