Another Story Of A Thyroid Patient

thyroid patient

Now I would like to share with you one more sensitive story before we close. Again all thyroid! I had arranged a trip to Davao in the island of Mindanao in the Philippines as part of my updating on internet presentations. I arrived two years ago and started with my internet coach the next day but the following day was a Sunday so I went for a walk along the winding pathways through the shanty dwellings I arrived at a big covered basketball court and was watching the teens in a game.

A sweet young English speaking lady approached me and suggested I looked hungry and so we sat at one of the street eating establishments for a feed. We chatted for nearly an hour before she left with family. I received a message from her the next day inviting me to the house. I was busy for a couple of weeks but one Sunday we met at the basketball court and she escorted me to her house where I met many members of her family. Her English was excellent but the rest of the family had just a few words. She went upstairs to her room to freshen up and my eyes settled on her sister who was 27 at the time and very attractive but appeared emaciated and wasting. She stood up to go to the kitchen on the other side of the small room and was exhausted by the time she got there. After she returned to her seat the same exhaustion was evident. My automatic response was to walk over behind her chair and start doing a treatment. She just sat there without saying anything and appeared very relaxed. I found she had a tumor on the thyroid and the whole area of shoulder and neck was inflamed. Actually she pulled my hand away each time I got too close!

I massaged what I could of the neck and did the feet and a little energy work on the head. Maybe half an hour or a little more. I went back to my seat and did not think any more of the incident. When the sister came back down we had coffee and I went to leave. The two daughters took my hands with loving care and escorted me back to the basketball court. You could see they were deeply affected by what I had done and noticed some result in their mother, which I had not myself. I promised to come back and did so quite a few times when I was not busy. I suggested some urgent variations to her diet and got her onto Mimosa/papaya leaf tea which is all  available in the streets and country around Davao and acts as an efficient blood cleanser. I had presumed the problem was a form of thyroid cancer because of the total body closedown.

The inflammation gradually left and the tumor began to shrink from a small finger size. One day about three weeks later, the two sisters escorted me to the jeepney stop for me to go to a place where I could get mimosa because it was getting a little hard to find. As we went up a long set of stairs I could see the lady was physically strained and then again a week or two later we went for a walk to the local seaside about two kilometers. This time a little better again. The family are always inviting me to visit now nearly two years later. She seems fully recovered although lifestyle diseases and especially when thyroid connected can never be cured in the true sense of the word. As they are epigenetic they can return with a lapse in serious nutrition or an overdose of pollution even. The lady is very beautiful now having regained her condition and back to normal weight. I still give the two sisters a treatment every now and then to ward off any recurrence of thyroid. A beautiful family and the two little girls are so loving and caring when I visit.

September 9, 2018

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