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Now we did mention some superfoods and supplements in the previous lesson and the message here is to watch for them. A superfood is something that will make a difference. Before you get all hyped up I have found in the last 30 years that some substances are wildly beneficial for some people but it is very very rare that any one substance or method will dramatically change someones life. This is why the treatment program includes at least three forms of treatment and you can add others if you think they will be useful. Ok can happen but do not hold your breath!

Superfoods exist and at this stage we know a lot and use a lot but they are always heavily marketed and most products are almost totally useless. There is a list however of substances that are or have been in the list and they are all worth a look.

3.Himalayan salt
4.JinsengCacao and cacao butter

So in each case they are up in top of the list for treatment of the specific ailment. Always do your homework first. In most cases you have to buy them so go to your local health food store and ask questions. Always buy quality from trusted brands. There will be cases where you can buy locally the original product and either use it directly or as a poultice, a soaking towel, herbal tea, mixed into smoothies or vegetable juice and sometimes dried and added as a supplement. When using directly always do careful homework first so you do not overdo it.

A poultice is created when you blend the special food or herb into a paste. Spread on a rag and bandage over an area of pain or physical damage. When I was a younger man and quite athletic I damaged my knee running around over piles of loose bricks! The doc looked at my football sized knee and told me not to worry it would heal in two weeks. As usual I had two days to spare so I blended up some onion and spread it on a cleaning cloth. I wrapped that around the knee then wrapped cling wraparound it and tied it on with a bandage! The poultice stayed on overnight. Two nights of smelly sleep and the knee was ready for action again and I was running on it after the three days.Classic stuff. Go to for more information on poultices.

A soaking towel is a similar setup which can be changed regularly to keep it warm and uses a much more fluid mix. Weuse water with a strong solution of epson salts frequently. We have tried also many applications with juice of a suitable herb added or blended herb. A herbal tea includes a herb boiled or simmered in hot water Sometimes they need be simmered for hours to get the best results such as papaya leaf tea. Others just need to be seeped in hot water like coriander. You are the health coach so always try it yourself first. None of the ones found on our websites will hurt you if they are the genuine herb and prepared in the detailed manner. In fact they will always have a mild benefit at least! Taking a cup or five of herb teas in a day has never hurt anyone I know. Keep it mild and observe the results. Some can make you run a little or pee more, wake you or rest you and fine tune many body systems but always read the instructions. Many of the best blood cleansing herbs like the leaves of papaya, graviola, mango, guava, stinging nettle can be pleasant to drink in low concentration and satiate your thirst for less beneficial beverages. Our favourite has to be mimosa pudica and papaya leaves boiled then simmered in a pressure cooker for two to three hours. Refrigerate only up to 5 days and you can dilute with fresh water. It is a great blood cleanser helping with cancer, most organ diseases and stroke recovery. Three cups per day. Mixing into smoothies is a great way of taking supplements. Small amounts of unpleasant tasting substances are fine in with sweeter but beneficial fruits. For example we try to have a daily blend of fruits with vegetables called a green smoothie. When you throw in lots of supplements like ginger, turmeric andpapaya seed to keep the liver clean, discourage cancers and discourage parasites, it can be less than exciting in taste. The addition of some passionfruit flesh and seed can lift that flavor and make it quite enjoyable or pineapple including central pith. Website is also being updated for the purpose of quality information and student support! It lists and updates quality ingredients, beneficial effects and tasty recipes.Everything you put into a green smoothie is health giving real food. Try not to overdo anything!

December 6, 2018

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