What To Add To Your Diet In Thyroid Program


Remember this program only runs for one month to three months and you can go back to your old diet. The disaster quality of that diet and the intensity of your return will determine how long it will be before you have to return to the thyroid program!

Phytochemicals and micronutrients as in some the following foods:
Add more green vegetables and eat at least half of them raw or uncooked Salads are a good way of doing this!

1.Greens, mushrooms, tomato and red capsicum, grated carrot and beetroot, celery. nuts, seeds. Quality meat and fish, prepared at home.

2.Coconut oil,Extra virgin olive oil from reputable suppliers,Avocado oil and Avocados,Flaxseed oil,Macadamia or almond oil.

3. Tahini and hummus foods high in iron cashews oysters clams organ meats bone broth for gelatine (heals gut helps hormones recover)

4.Vegetables,Fresh fruit,Berries fresh or frozen,Broccoli, Cabbage Kale and other fresh greens some can be cooked.Always vary your consumption of greens,Onions and garlic occasionally as they are medicinal herbs as well sauerkraut.

5 Kefir and yoghurt (greek only from reputable brands ( not greek style yoghurt which is normally pasteurized after the fermentation process)

6.Raw honey but never from a supermarket!, Zylitol, stevia, maple syrup and coconut sugar for sweeteners.

7.Fermented foods from reputable sources

8.Himalayan salt eat seaweed, kelp, pineapple, artichokes foods for selenium helps maintain hormone production includes free range eggs wild shellfish

9.Cremini mushrooms, garlic sunflower seeds Brazil nuts eat mega 3 all good fats

December 16, 2018

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