About The Author

man31This is a hard one because there is so much, in fact I wrote the book the healers story some years ago and now it is withdrawn from sale so I can update it with another 100 pages. I always call myself the accidental healer because that is the way it all came about. People and situations came to me sometimes daily with a health problem or a learning opportunity.

The health influences started in my teens with the death of my brother from Muscular dystrophy and my own struggles with asthma I observed a “Quack” as they called him working on my brother and having learned what I have, I now realize he was getting very close to a dramatic reversal. So as I was introduced to one modality after another always in some remote circumstance I took notice , learned and evaluated. Some healing experiences go back more than twenty years.

Life was always busy with five beautiful children to share the exciting times with. A little adventure and healing is what I am left with in the twilight years.I am now 75 and in reasonably good health. Just working on being of some benefit to the world.