Thyroid Danger

Thyroid disease


Autoimmune problems…

Sleep problems..

Sugar and Carb Cravings…
Weight gain…

Falling  Hair and thin or Brittle Nails…
Sexual disinterest or lack of enjoyment…

Brain fog or memory loss.

Sound familiar?Wow great to have you and we hope the information is not too devastating and very useful in helping someone clear a thyroid condition. Many people do not know anything about the thyroid until somebody tells them they have a thyroid condition. It does happen because the foods that we eat and the products and pollutants we come into contact with are causing the immune system to go to war inside our bodies in a way it was never designed to do. The triggers include genetic predisposition, but environmental factors and intestinal permeability are the major factors. Autoimmune is completely tied up with the thyroid so you can never look at one without the other.

If you have the symptoms of hypothyroid fact is you probably have it even if the tests turn up negative because there are multiple causes, forms and degrees and not all are covered by tests anyway. The tests are currently designed to indicate serious cases rather than conditions which are gradually accumulating.

So basically the thyroid has a connection to every cell in the body and the only other connection with every cell is vitamin D. Why is that? we ask and of course the answer is that the thyroid is our body thermostat as its main function and then relates closely to every hormonal function in the body. while we all have one it appears that females are eight times more likely to have a thyroid disease.

Thyroid disease can manifest in many ways of which the most common are hypothyroidism which is sluggish thyroid and hyperthyroidism which is overactive thyroid. This is not as common. Then it is reported that thyroid cancer has topped the billing for cancers in developed countries such as the United States. Again there is room for argument but the numbers are sufficient to make for a deal of apprehension. 

So the purpose of this website is to provide the most up to date information on the thyroid, its disease and methods of reversing the conditions. The information is provided as study information so a basic understanding is possible for the layman or student, who are encouraged to back up this information and also learn more before going into action. 

Thyroid disease As usual there are two ways of looking at any disease. The medical treatment you will get from your local doctor or maybe a specialist and the alternative method, which is based on natural therapies and methods. The medical system attempts to manage disease so it does not kill you and the alternative methods are aimed at reversal and often cure by targeting the original causes. You will notice our pages contain mostly information useful in reversal of the condition. The information comes from the published studies of the top authorities and specialists, who often are medical practitioners who have decided to adopt natural methods due to the improved success rate not to mention the ability to cure their own families and themselves. 

The details and implications of the Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease is basically lifestyle induced with very clear indicators as to the principle causative factors. So we cover the details and implications of the disease then the nutritional and lifestyle changes we need to make to eliminate it. Because the disease has developed over many years we cannot be expected to eliminate or control it in a few days, more like many months and sometimes years depending on age , general health and determination. So to speed up the process our information covers the use of supplements and many natural health methods such as massage. 

Finally the thyroid is implicated in many functions of the brain. While there are few clear research answers, it is noticeably concurrent with high percentages of the known cases of slow development and brain deterioration. We are watching the research for connections with autism, suicidal tendencies and even down syndrome. 

So for now check out the pages which you are interested in. We provide a membership program for those with further interest and a mentoring facility in the membership for those working with study information to alleviate the symptoms.

At this time, thanks to the Second Opinion Series for helping to add to our study information on thyroid disease and you will notice some of the speakers will be referred to in our following pages.

If you read the thyroid pages and begin to take action you will also realise that almost all serious disease is surprisingly similar in cause and reversal. Not the same but similar and by repairing the thyroid alone you can be better than halfway through elimination of many other diseases. If you have read this far here is a shocker!!  We have mentioned in some of our study notes that it often seems that certain cancers are only a symptom of underlying disease! And for the first time we have heard the statement from the lips of a health professional in the last few weeks (May 2016) After all the feeble approaches to the curing of cancer it is going to be a big shock to the public when they find out!