The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped soft-tissue gland located in the front of the neck. The thyroid gland is the only gland or organ which has a receptor at every cell in the body. In layman’s language its role is manufacturing and balancing hormones, balancing temperature and managing chemicals in the body. It is helped in this work by various other glands and organs. Hormone, temperature and chemical balances in the body are essential for both fitness and beauty as well as health.



The thyroid gland is one of the body’s major healers. By balancing hormones, temperature and chemicals in the body it creates a harmonious atmosphere for regeneration when it is functioning well. When it is not nutritionally supported it loses ability to function. When it does not function well many parts of the body can be attacked by disease with minimum defence.



Thyroid is subject to attack by poor nutrition, harmful foods, chemicals, radiation from all electrical devices and pharmaceuticals. Its position in the body and wide ranging connections put it in the firing line. The first effect on the thyroid is just declining function. Then as it declines it is more defenceless as are other parts of the body. Disease sets in quite often when its ability is destroyed. Its cells can become inflamed or cancer and Goitre can set in.

Nutrition is always where the damage begins according to most research results. Then the other damaging factors trigger a rapid decline.



ThyroidA declining thyroid function can affect anyone but women are especially prone. In fact 8 women are affected to each single man. The involvement of hormones is the connection here as nearly half the women in the world have thyroid operation at less than 60% of functionality. Statistics and observation confirm the figures.

On a recent trip to Thailand in a backpackers lodge in Chang Rai in 2013 I met a very lovely 30 year old lady from France. Within a couple of minutes she was telling me about her thyroid problem, She had many of the listed symptoms. So I gave the lovely French lady a treatment then met with her male friend. I told both of them about the ways to care for the Lady and her Thyroid! The next day it was an Italian lady and then within a few hours a beautiful young German lady. All exactly 30 years old! Hows that for coincidence? Oh so sad. Each one had a doctor who wanted to remove the thyroid when they got back from holidays. They had no thought about getting it healthy again. Just remove it! This is a form of genocide for the ladies of Europe. Maybe they will not be dead but miserable. It is obviously not a rare occurrence. SHOCK HORROR! For it was possible to meet not one but three within 24 hours their origins forming a map of Europe.



The functional doctors over the last five years have alerted me to the thyroid connection which has been Bourne out by thirty years of study and practical application of natural health methods. The symptoms are not generally caused by the thyroid. The symptoms are disease in many other parts of the body due to epigenetic factors. The thyroid is unable to help them due to its declining ability. So we nominate them as symptoms. Lets look at a short list but this gives you an idea of the extent of the possible damage from a depleted thyroid. The first group includes the ones which affect beauty!

Skin problems including acne, psoriasis, eczema and discolouration. Then throw in hair loss, brittle nails and weight control into that list.  Reproductive system problems include PCOS, painful or irregular menstruation, endometriosis and vaginal dryness as well as almost every problem encountered in childbirth. and disconcerting mental problems include mood swings, anxiety,  depression, loss of coordination, confidence  and charisma.

Finally the general disease list includes chronic fatigue, headaches, MS, some heart and liver problems, weight control. Type 2 diabetes, goitre, gout, arthritis and many more.



ThyroidYou have read one story and these are important. In our experience we achieve positive results in every case, but never stop watching the evidence. This is the confidence factor and it plays a serious part in achieving good health. You must be supremely confident of the method you have chosen to get healthy. If your method keeps failing month after month, find another method! For example a story in another backpacker establishment in Bangkok where I was sitting minding my own business! There is something earthy about backpackers in that they will always say hello if not already in a group! So this one was a Canadian lass about the 30 year age bracket and she had already lost her thyroid. She was extolling the virtues of the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).I listened politely but of course could not help noticing that she weighed approximately the same as the other three girls put together and her skin had an uncharacteristic reddish blush. Ho Hum! so much for the HRT! I do know of course that in the hands of an understanding doctor with a wide array of additional medications that hormonal stability can be achieved regularly. I have only heard of a handful of these doctors around the world. If you seek their information please ask us! The bottom line is clear and there are thousands of incidents to add to that story. If you can manage to keep your thyroid and get it working properly life can be very enjoyable!




Now this is the most important lesson from this website! Thyroid disease is relatively easy to reverse using natural therapies and nutrition. So you have a choice. The medical way involves only taking pills which is the mainstream choice today. It does allow you to stay in your comfort zone, although good health never returns. The natural way requires dedication and attention to all the causes. This website goes on to detail all the components of our reversal program and if you are really serious about getting healthy and staying disease free for the rest of your life the printed version is available from